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Derek Boshier first came to prominence with his paintings as a student at the Royal College of Art in London in the early 1960s, with fellow students David Hockney, Allen Jones, R.B. Kitaj, and others in the British Pop Art movement. Subsequently he has used other media:  drawing, printmaking, film, books, three dimensional objects, installations and photography among them. His graphic work with popular music groups such as The Clash and with David Bowie have brought his work to a wider audience.

Recently, he had an exhibition in London at Gazelli Art House in 2017 in a solo exhibition titled, “On The Road”, with three major large paintings dedicated to David Bowie. Also in 2017, the same exhibition was at Night Gallery in Los Angeles. 

In September 2018, he has two exhibitions in Portsmouth, UK, one at the Jack House Gallery and one at Portsmouth Museum. In March 2019, an exhibition in MOSTYN, Llandudno. 


He has currently designed a large tapestry, 10x15 foot, to be made in Belgium.


He has made six new short films in the last three years and is currently working on a film related to a person who was blind since birth and age 30 gains complete sight. 


In 2016, he was awarded an Honory Fellowship from the Royal College of Art, London. In 2017, awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship. In 2021 Derek Boshier received an Honorary Doctorate of the Arts from Solent University in Southampton, UK.


He lives and works in Los Angeles. 

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