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Recent Publications which reference Derek Boshier:

UK Government Art Collection
Catalogue. The Public Catalogue Foundation

Carnival of Perception - Selected Writings on Art by Guy Brett
Institute of International Visual Arts, London.


American Art Since 1900
Catalogue. Blanton Museum of Art, University of Texas, Austin.

Art in The Age of Terrorism
Paul Holberton Publishng, London.


Pop Art Now and Then
Catalogue. Wolverhampton Art Gallery, UK.


Good Vibrations: Visual Art and Rock Culture
Catalogue. Centro Arte Contemporaneo, Siena, Italy

Clash City Painter by Renaud Faroux.
Article with Interview. Étapes Magazine, May 2006, Paris.


Derek Boshier La Chute Des Idoles by Renaud Faroux.
Article 2003. L'Oeil Magazine, Paris.


The Art of Modernism 1870-2000 by Sandro Bocola
Taschen 2001

 The Amorphous Us by Guy Brett

from Derek Boshier: The Texas Years Catalogue Contemporary Arts Museum Houston. 1996

Derek Boshier by Guy Brett from Derek Boshier New Work, 2000 Shakespeare Fine Art, Islington, London

Essay by Rosetta Brooks from Derek Boshier Paintings 1987,
Albert Totah Gallery, New York.

Derek Boshier by Mel Gooding 

from Derek Boshier Recent Work 1996, Connaught Brown, London.

Derek Boshier by Christopher Finch 

from the catalogue to the Galerie du Centre show, 2001. Text both in French and English.

John A. Walker 

has written about Derek Boshier extensively in his cultural critiques including
"Left Shift :Radical Art in 1970s Britain" I.B.Spence.2002. 

To read further about the life and work of Derek Boshier, and his role in art and culture, here are some recommended books that contain significant references:

Pop Art by Marco Livingstone

The Sixties Scene In London by David Mellor

Pop Art US/UK Connections 1956-1966 by David Brauer, Christopher Finch et al Menil Collection

Groovy Bob by Harriet Vyner

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