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David Bowie's "Lodger" album, 1979

"The cover for "Lodger" was a collaboration between David, the photographer Duffy, and myself. I loved this solution to the problem of David being photographed falling. Shooting him from above, on a specially made table built to match the falling form. The table was designed to be completely obscured by David's body (You can see the table in the photograph right centre on the inside of the book-style cover). The wash hand basin was laid underneath the table on the floor." D.B.2003.


The cover for Bowie's subsequent "Let's Dance" album included the projection of a Boshier painting across David Bowie's figure in boxing gloves. The inner sleeve of "Let's Dance" had line drawings by Boshier including his characteristic heads and walking figures.



Polaroids of three models of sets commissioned by Bowie for his stage shows in 1978. A logical continuation of Boshier's fascination with installation and environment.

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